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La Esperanto Ora Strigo Estas De Mi

Saluton mondo!!!

For those of you that do not already know, I am Gymnastical and I am about to announce having just finished my second tree: Esperanto.

I have been working for a little over a week on this and have put a lot of time into it so I feel really accomplished.

Why did I get started on Esperanto? I initially did not have plans of starting it at this time because I was already focusing on Swedish and only wanted to work on one language at a time and last I checked, Swedish and Esperanto together are not one language.

What made me change my mind? Our wonderful Marijke (sheldolina) took it up almost immediately when it came out and said it was so fun and we all had to try it. She even posted in the forum that she wanted someone to compete with. She's a wonderful friend and does so much so I knew I owed her a lot and that I would be a bad friend if I didn't. And if not, I would definitely feel like one. She ended up beating me (as we all know. Have you guys seen her post yet?) but that is not what it's about. I'm glad I played along with her for the race.

What was the hardest part? Pushing through.

What was the easiest part? Getting started.

What was my favorite part? If it's okay for me to give a few answers to this question, the language is really fun. And there were also some wonderful sentences. If I am not allowed to give more than one answer, hey! It's my post, not yours and for your post you can give as many answers as you want.

What were my favorite skills (I like to call them leaves but I'll speak the language you understand for the sake of this post)? Travel is my favorite in any tree because I live the travelling life and have been raised around it. Nature was another favorite because it turned into a science AND language class and I LOVE SCIENCE. And I also really liked the Ideas and Concepts skills because it's the abstract stuff that I find most relatable.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my wonderful story and if you've finished your Esperanto tree, congratulations to you! And if you are still working on it, good luck with it and I can't wait to see your post. Thank you to the wonderful people that were cheering me on and encouraging me in some way, shape or form, and/or watching the countdown. I wish I could name all of you but here are a few people I remember off the top of my head.








everyone else unmentioned.

I have also finished my Dutch tree and have that reverse course going (and do immersion in there if any of you speak Dutch and want to take a look at my translations). And I am 22 skills away from finishing Swedish so if you want to see more of me, you can watch the Swedish countdown and after Swedish will be Portuguese and that will be my summer project. If the reverse Esperanto course ever comes out then I will definitely take a stab at that.

Thank you Team Esperanto for all your hard work to make this course possible. I know it's benefitting a lot of people and I am happy to be among them and I am happy to have been able to help test the course!!!

June 5, 2015



Well done, Maggie! \(^▽^)/

It's impressive how you are studying all these languages and I too think the Esperanto course is a lot of fun. :)


Thanks! I see you're more into it than 2 courses you've had for longer. Maybe us and Esperanto were just made to be


Congratulations Maggie!

I'm so proud of you :) Good luck with your Swedish!


Thanks. How did you make the font bold and bigger?


#Large Header#

##Mid-sized Header##

###Smaller Header###



***Bold and Italicised***

<h1>Large Header</h1>

Mid-sized Header

Smaller Header



Bold and Italicised

<pre> Surround the * with # to make bolded/italicised headers. </pre>


Do you know if there's a code for strike-through? That one is also useful when giving corrections.


I would have thought that it would be text but it doesn't seem to parse. I suppose it's disabled. :/


I, too, like to call the skills "leaves"; and the sections between checkpoints "branches". It seemed apt considering completing the course is called "finishing the tree". :P

Congrats on the owl, mate, kaj bonvenon al esperantujo!

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Congrats and thanks for the shout out. :)


You're welcome!!!!


Fast! I am still half-way

<h1>Awesome job!</h1>

And yes, I should call skills "leaves" from now on.


Bonege! Mi esperas vidi vin ofte en esperantolando kaj ke nia verda lingvo utilu al vi. Ĝiiiiis! :-)


Congratulations, Maggie!

I can't believe you got through the course so quickly! Do you plan to review the skills (or 'leaves', as you call them ;) ) and continue expanding your knowledge of Esperanto, or was this more of a fun diversion from Swedish?


Both actually. I had that change in pace for a friend as I said which is also a fun diversion from Swedish (don't get me wrong. Swedish is such a fun language. I say that about a lot of languages though). But I am now focusing primarily on Swedish again (be sure to watch the countdown. 10 more leaves and quickly decreasing) I am moving to Maryland this month :( but one thing that gives me high hopes about it is that Maryland and DC (I'll be near DC) has Esperanto groups. I live in Connecticut now and they don't. So I will definitely spend the first few days there working on making the tree golden and I'll especially be working on it when we start searching the area for the right group for me. I don't want to go in feeling stupid and incompetent compared to the other members.


Congratulations. :-)


Yey! Congratulations!


Well done -- Gratulon!! ^_^


Great job! That was incredible :D But do you mean Usagiboy7?


Yep. Fixed it. Thanks for the correction!


It's really funny when there are two very similar usernames, like Teen_Polygot and Teenage_Polygot :)


Congrats! But the way, I'm at level 6 in my Dutch and Spanish tree, and 5 in French.


Congrats :)

Just wondering, why isn't it 'La Esperanta Ora Strigo Estas De Mi'?


Because Esperanto is a noun and in Esperanto nouns never end in A.


Kind of looks like an adjective here though. After all, Esperanto/a is describing the Strigo as far as I can see.


You are right. These are the correct one:

La esperanta ora strigo estas de mi

La ora Esperanto-strigo estas de mi

La esperanta ora strigo estas mia (most used)

La esperanta ora strigo mias

(Esperanta ora strigo = ora Esperantostrigo)


Thanks for that clarification.

"La esperanta ora strigo mias" I love the way you can turn adjectives (mi is adjective, right?) into a verb so easily in Esperanto.


atentu: "miA" estas adjektivo. "Mi" estas pronomo (like I, you, he...). Ankaŭ mi ŝatas tiun econ de Esperanto :D

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