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Android app crashing.

Help! After 72 successful days of French my android app has started mis-behaving. Yesterday, part way through 'people' it kept locking up and needed 'force close' and the only way I could get past that was 'Test Out' which did work (though still with the 3 hearts... I guess that bit hasn't changed). Today I thought everything was working ok - first section of 'Present 3' worked ok , but then the second section started crashing - and wouldn't even allow 'Test Out'. Anyone else experienced this? Any easy fix? Delete and re-load app?

June 5, 2015

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As this is an app. issue, not necessarily a French issue, you might get more responses in Troubleshooting. If you edit your post you can change its topic from French to Troubleshooting.

Meanwhile there's no harm in deleting and reloading the app. to see if that clears up any issues you're having. That said, it might clear itself up anyway, as it could be something else entirely such as a network issue.

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