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How do you use giymek and giyinmek?

Hi all,

I am totally confused about the words giymek and giyinmek. Can someone explain to me, perhaps with a few examples, in which cases you can use which?

For example, can you both use them for telling you are currently wearing something? And which do you use to say "I am putting on my trousers"?

Thanks a lot for your replies!

June 5, 2015



Giymek means "to wear." Giyinmek means "to dress." So one simply is the verb you would use to express you are already wearing something, the other is the actual act of getting dressed.

Pantolon giyerim - I wear pants.
Giyiniyorum - I am dressing. I'm not sure how to get the pants part in there, but it may be a different verb...


Thanks a lot, that made a lot clear :) Now I am still curious if someone else can make a sentence with that pants for me...


You can't. "Giyinmek" is not transitive.

You can say "Pantolon giyiyorum." (I'm putting on pants), or just "giyiniyorum" (I'm getting dressed).

If you're going to say what you're going to put on, use "giymek", which accepts an object.

If not, use "giyinmek" alone.


Well that may not be right but it is used in everyday speech.


that's true, you might hear "pantolonumu giyiniyorum" - but that's grammatically incorrect


Thank you for your explanation Ektorsan.

If I understand you correctly this means that "Pantolon giyiyorum" can be used to say "I am wearing pants" as well as "I am putting on pants". Is this true?

And "giyiniyorum" can only mean, "I'm getting dressed" but not "I am dressed". Did I get that right?


Exactly. "I am dressed" would be "giyiniğim" (from the adjective 'giyinik')

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