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Thank you DuoLingo

This isn't like the typical thank you posts on here I wouldn't think, but if there are other similar posts before, then great! :D

I'm not thanking the moderators or course contributors or anything like that, although yea, the site is pretty good, so thanks :D

Instead I'm thanking the community and their love for sharing things to help others. You guys are just awesome!

Back in January I signed up for a website called italki, a place you can speak to natives to improve your language; I only found out about it through someone on here posting the link. Although the site wasn't actually very helpful for me with German, it did have one good thing for me:


Although we only spoke a little bit at first, it gradually built up going from italki to WhatsApp to Snapchat to Skype, to finally meeting in person last week. She stayed in London for a week... and is now my girlfriend :)


So yea, that's the joys of language! Honestly never expected this to happen; didn't sign up to there to meet someone, but it somehow just happened and I'm so grateful for it! And it could just as easily happen to someone else on here, languages bring people closer together and open your eyes to new things, so here's hoping!

And once again, thanks DuoLingo community! Would never have met her if it hadn't been for you!

June 5, 2015



That is awesome dude !

That's why I like the discussion forum, because once in a while you get to discover these amazing stories like your's! :D


This post makes my heart so happy, I can't help but smile! I wish you and your lovely girlfriend the best! :D


That's adorable! I'm glad it worked out so well for you :). Congratulations!


Excellent and congratulations! Best wishes to you both.

[deactivated user]

    Duo rocks! Congrats by the way. :)


    That is awesome! Congratulations!! (:


    Oh, my - this was the perfect thing to wake up and read this morning! Congratulations to the both of you. ^_^


    This is a wonderful story!! :) I'm so happy for you, best of wishes!! :)


    Congratulations to you both! It is so adorable how you've found the path to each other. Your story makes me think there are no coincidences in life :) All the best to you!


    Awww! That's so sweet! I really love the community here because everyone's helpful and so kind.


    I love stories like this. Congratulations!


    Congrats man! I hope you guys get married :)

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