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  5. "Dino, çok büyümüşsün!"

"Dino, çok büyümüşsün!"

Translation:Dino, you have grown so much!

June 5, 2015



Can someone explain to the preference for a müş-form in this sentence? Is it because Dino's growing happened in my absence? Or is this maybe a situation in which I heard that Dino has grown, but I am not actually witnessing it now (we re on the telephone for instance)? Otherwise I would expect a normal "Dino, çok büyüdün!". Thanks!


Yeah, both scenarios are possible. :) Either way, you didn't see it grow.


Or in case I actually see him and express my impression (about his looks and size) to him: you seems to have grown a lot, Dino! Am I right?


Yeah, that's also possible. In that case, you're stressing: "I had never noticed this before, but you really have grown a lot!" But in this case "büyüdün" is also possible, since you were there the whole time.


Thanks Ektor :) ... but I was actually thinking about a scenario wherein the person is meeting his/her friend Dino after a fairly long time and express his/her own impression about the Dino's age/size/stature. :)


Türkçe'de -mış eki sonradan fark edilen durumlar için de kullanılır.Örneğin Dino'yu uzun bir süredir görmüyorsun ve büyüdüğünü fark ediyorsun,bu durumda Dino,çok büyümüşsün dersin;ama eğer büyüdüğü süreci/ya da bir kısmına şahit olduysan o zaman Dino,çok büyüdün dersin.


I think DL should accept 'really' as a translation of 'cok'. In British English 'really' means 'a lot' or 'very' and I often write it but it gets rejected. 'Dino, you've really grown!' should be correct.


Yes, I get caught out by this so often!


can anybody explain to me why is this sentence "Dino, you grew up a lot" not accepted ???????????


'Grow up' means something different to 'grow'. If we say 'you've grown a lot' it means you are taller than before. But 'you grew up' doesn't have anything to do with height, it means you're more mature or less childish than before.


According to my recollection the variant

Dino, you grew a lot

was accepted.


ge dino dino dino xmsbxmsbxm kuçu kuçu mxbsöxhskdnsösb


Why do you say grew in my translation?!


At present

Dino, you've grown so much

is accepted and

You've grown so much, Dino

is not.


Dino, how you have grown!

is not accepted. This would almost be my first thought here (actually my 2nd since I would start with "you've").


"dino you have grown up a lot." bence kabul edilmeli.


Read the comment above by londoncalling.


Dino, you are so grown up! MUST BE ACCEPTED

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