"Jeg elsker skovture om sommeren når vejret er fantastisk."

Translation:I love picnics during the summer when the weather is amazing.

June 5, 2015

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Is this always a picnic rather than literally a walk in the forest?

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    "En skovtur" is usually a picnic. A walk in the forest would be "en (gå)tur i skoven"


    'I love pinincs in the summer' is wrong not sure why, is it wrong? Or Duolingo being pedantic?


    I reported. Duo can't always cover all of the ways to say something, and I think this is just a case where this alternate expression wasn't considered yet. I put "in the summertime", and either one means "during the summer". (I think one could argue that one meaning of the Danish sentence would not translate to these alternatives, but it is a silly meaning to assume where you're identifying the one summer that had great weather. But that still would not invalidate the alternate translations without giving us such a context to assume that meaning.)


    Does this mean that the weather is fantastic in the summer, and one enjoys picnics in the summer, or that one enjoys picnics when it is summer and when the weather happens to be fantastic?


    Vejret is an et-word, so why is vejret 'fantastisk' rather than 'fantastiskt'?

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