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Arabic. Lesson 1 : Alphabet

In Arabic there are 28 letters. I wrote them here, each letter is divided into 2 sections.. There are some special letters in Arabic that cannot be translated into English to show the real pronunciation, but I gave the closest pronunciation.

After taking a look at the table, you may ask why the pronunciation of the letter in a word is different, because it’s like English vowels can change the pronunciation of the letter e.g : Car, Coach…

But in Arabic not only the vowels that change the pronunciation but there are also signs

The first one is this if it is on top of the letter we pronounce the letter as A (Ba Ka Sa Ha Za…)

If it is at the bottom of the letter as I (Bi Ki Si kha..)

This is the third sign that makes the letter pronounced as O (Bo Ko Fo Jo...)

There is also a fourth sign that is called (dead sign) it's like a small circle on top of the letters.

Also I found this picture, it is useful too

June 5, 2015



hey how do you upload pictures into a post ? I have tried it sometimes but don't know how to do it


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okay thanks man !! I've been wondering that a long time :D


You are welcome :)


Arabic is such a fun and rewarding language. Thanks for taking time to make this!


Thank you for your efforts! It's exciting how much the DL Arabic speakers are sharing with all of us!

Just so you know, a single character is a letter, while all the letters (when spoken about together) are the alphabet of a given language. Just wanted to let you know it is better to say, "In Arabic there are 28 letters. I wrote them here, each letter is divided into 2 sections." And, "the letter in a word is different..." And there are names for each of those types of vowels that you can use. Here is a nice list here to share with folks so they can learn those names if they like: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/hist455/vowels/vowels_pres.htm

Also, the table of the Arabic alphabet here on Wikipedia is pretty helpful because it shows how each of the letters can actually look 2 or 4 different ways: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_alphabet

Thank you again! -t. :)


Actually, if we're being specific, it's an Abjad :)


Good point! :)


Thank you!! I will check them ;)


Thanks a lot! you should really apply to be a course contributor for the Arabic for English speakers course!


Thanks Josiah!! I can't wait until the acceptance of Arabic :)

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