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"You like wine, and she likes pasta."

Translation:Ви любите вино, а вона любить макарони.

June 5, 2015



Shouldn't "Ти любиш вино і вона любить макарон" be accepted since the implication of the sentence is that these two individual's enjoy their particular food, not to highlight how their food preferences contrast?


In Ukrainian such a sentence is ungrammatical. It's not emphasizing any differences, it's just being grammatical.

It's all about the agreement between the subjects, verbs and objects of the two sentences you want to connect:

Ти любиш макарони, і ти любиш/ненавидиш рис (the subject is the same, so nothing else matters)

Ти любиш макарони, і вона любить макарони (both love; both love pasta)

Ти любиш макарони, а вона ненавидить (hate) макарони (both are about pasta, but the action is different)

Ти любиш макарони, а вона любить рис (the action is the same, but the object is different)


Should recognize "Ви любите вино" as well.


Sorry, can't find it anymore.


Update: it's accepted (don't know since when)

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