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Esperanto Practicing

Hello every one ; since i fall in love with this beautiful language I think that i need to talk with people in Esperanto , so any one know a way to practice with other people .

June 5, 2015



There's also the IRC-channel (i.e. chat-room) ##esperanto on Freenode. You need an IRC-client to use it. Alternatively you can use the webpage http://esperantejo.com to access it.


Thanks but all is in Esperanto !!!!!!! ;-)


Of course it is! :) If you don't feel comfortable yet, writing Esperanto, you can also use other languages in that channel.


Sorry but I didn't find the link to change over to another language.


Thanks, I'll try tomorrow ;-)


interpals.net and italki are good ways to practice but there isn't a whole lot of people to talk to in Esperanto so you have to take what you can get.


There are several Facebook groups that are good for people who want to find people with whom they can talk in Esperanto (for example, there's an Esperanto Skype group).


If you do not have a lot of time, I think Twitter is the best to practice a little Esperanto everyday. The small format makes reading and writing in Esperanto easy. Just follow some Esperantists and try to make a tweet is Esperanto each day. (Use the hashtag #Esperanto so we can see your tweet)

After you created an account, you can find lists of Esperantists here : https://twitter.com/Vanege_EO/memberships You can also follow @Esperantujo who retweets selected tweets is Esperanto.

By the way, "speaking" Esperanto is not very useful if you are not going to speak it in the first place. Most Esperantists I know only write in it.


It had never occurred to me to Tweet in Esperanto! Good idea!

I have used EO on Tumblr - there are a few enthusiastic Esperanto speakers and learners there.


You can check out verduloj.com. It's the facebook of Esperanto. :)


There is a list for Esperanto speakers who want to talk using Skype: http://www.esperanto.com.br/skajpo/index.html Personally I’ve never used it but I think you have to take someone from the end of the list, as these are the most recent entries.


se vi volas, vi povas paroli kun mi cxar mi ankaux bezonas praktiki mian esperanton!


Ni povas iomete paroli per Skajpo :)


Mi eltrovis egan esperanto-babilejon (tujmesaĝilon) en discordapp. Enmetaĵo "/r/Esperanto" https://discordapp.com/channels/218605893644845057/218808478322524160

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