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"With the lunch we drink wine."

December 27, 2012



No because the word order is incorrect. The 2nd part of the sentence needs to be a verb making 'trinken' go before 'wir'. Otherwise, 'wir' would be the second part of the sentence.


WAS IST DENN LOS??!!! what's wrong with “Zum Mittagessen”?!! ... =/


This really must be fixed to reflect that "zum" is a correct shortening of "zu dem."


''Mit dem Mittagessen wir trinken Wein'' isn't also correct?


Right. The verb is always in the second "position" of the sentence. Don't ask me why, I don't know why, but that's the way it is. In this case "mit dem Mitagessen" is the first, meaning the verb has to be second, forcing wir to go after. I think one of the only exceptions to that is the command form, where the verb is in the first "position".


For some reason, I keep switching "wir" and "trinken". It's really annoying. I know what's wrong, but you know. Old habits die hard.

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