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  5. "Tá áthas oraibh."

" áthas oraibh."

Translation:You are glad.

June 5, 2015



Just a note that I cannot hear the difference between 'oraibh' & 'uirthi' in any of the examples. I do have some hearing loss, but it is remarkable to me that these two words sound exactly alike to me. Do you sound the same to others?


oraibh ends in a "v" sound (or, in some dialects, a "b" sound). While it is not particularly distinct in this example, it is there, and it would be unusual to mistake oraibh for uirthi, though there can be some room for confusion between uirthi and orthu.


Why not "Tá sibh áthas"?


áthas is a noun, "glad" is an adjective.


Sounds wrong. I hear "Tá áthas ORITH". Should it not sound like "ORIV"?

[deactivated user]

    Sounds like "ORIV" to me.


    Please listen to this speaker. I swear the last sound she says is “TH” and not “bh”.

    [deactivated user]

      The last sound she says is BH and not th.

      th in Irish is not the same sound as "th" in English.

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