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Stream post showing in email more times than on stream

Hey guys!

I just had an issue with the same stream post notification in my email seven times. Yet on my stream, it only shows up once, and same on the stream of the sender.

Have any of you had a similar issue? What's going on here?

June 5, 2015



Maybe the post was first made and then one email was sent saying "x posted on your stream" and showing the first post. Then maybe the person posted on the conversation again. That'll get you something like "x commented on your activity". Maybe five more people posted on the same conversation. Then you'll get "a/b/c/d/e commented on your activity". That makes up seven emails. If the case is not something of this sort, then I don't know. Posting on Duolingo Troubleshooting doesn't seem to help repair glitches or make anyone aware of them...


it's 7 emails in the same conversation (I have Gmail. Not sure what your provider calls it). the subject is "mezher1 posted on your stream". And all of them are the same email


I am Mezher,, sorry for this. أنا " mezher" أعتذر لهذا , كنت قد سألتك ولكنني كنت أجد خطأ في كتابة السؤال كوني لا أتقن الإنجليزية .. أنا أيضاً جديد على هذا الموقع ولا أعرف كيفية نظامه بالنسبة للتعليقات أعتذر مجدداً ..


It is all good. I barely even had a chance to look closely at it so I did not even notice. That is great that you are picking up your own mistakes now! :)

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