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"La uzo de Pasporta Servo estas aventuro."

Translation:The use of Pasporta Servo is an adventure.

June 5, 2015



Kio estas Pasporta Servo?


I read in the Tips and notes, that it is a hosting net of Esperantists around the world. It has its own web pasportaservo.com.

Good day.


Has anyone ever watched the Esperanto short film "Kuru"? It is a fictitious horror story about Pasporta Servo (with English subtitles). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqm-4-R43HY


I think some people have a different reading of the sentence. To use celo/purpose is an entirely different meaning, implying that the purpose of that Organization, Pasporto Servo, is to foster or create adventure. Uzo/use implies that using that service is a way of finding adventure.


Why not "the" or "la" Pasporta Servo? Are there others we should know about? One would think that if the definitive article had definitive use, surely...


Pasporta Servo is a name, rather than "the passport service" - so it is referred to just by that name.
Like we don't say "the microsoft"...


Well, to be fair, though, 'Microsoft' is recognized as a trade name, but the name itself is not terribly descriptive as far as its components go, whereas the two words that comprise the name of our 'Pasporta Servo' are recognizable as simple, standalone elements which are totally descriptive of the service itself, yet in a rather non-proprietary way...

There is some sort of a precedent, at least, for 'la pasporta servo;' the exact phrase returning "proksimume 5,720 rezultoj."


Though it's not set in stone due to linguistic baggage the Esperanto speakers have, in general Esperanto tends to not use "la" for organizations and such, unlike a fair number of European languages. E.g. the World Esperanto Association is usually just "Universala Esperanto-Asocio" or "UEA", and not "la Universala Esperanto-Asocio" or "la UEA".

The same is true for the United Nations ("Unuiĝintaj Nacioj" and "UN" instead of "la Unuiĝintaj Nacioj" and "la UN"), and the European Union ("Eŭropa Unio" and "EU" instead of "la Eŭropa Unio" and "la EU"), and similar organizations.


Then why must I always say "the USA" when translating "usono?" Duo rapping my knuckles for leaving out the "the" still smarts.


That's just what RaizinM was talking about: in English "the" is needed, that's Esperanto that does not demand "la" in similar cases. (Not very handy when neigher English nor Esperanto is one's native language, so both sets of nuances have to be learned during one Duolingo course xD)


Do you speak Toki Pona? I notice your username and can't stop myself from asking. :)


pakala—mi lukin ala nimi.


yeah but it's capitalised in the question so it implies the specific organisation.


I would probably use "celo" here, rather than uzo.


Have you tried to use it ? It was too much of an adventure to me. I went to couchsurfing.com instead...


Iu jam uzis ĝin? Bonvolu rakonti pri tio!

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