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  5. I lost my 40 day streak!


I lost my 40 day streak!

I had equipped the streak freeze, and yesterday (monday 30th september) I didn't do any lesson. Yet today (tuesday) I login, and my strike was gone!

October 2, 2013



I also lost my streak on Saturday.

  • It is unclear when the freeze must purchased
    • prior to day not practiced
    • on day not practiced
    • on day after day not practiced
  • I purchased on Saturday prior to loosing my streak (just before 23:59) but Sunday it showed a 0 day streak.
  • Assuming I needed to purchase in advance I built a short streak (3 days), and did not yesterday. I again lost my streak.

If a streak freeze is to be purchased in advance my recent short streak (3 days) should not have been lost, if a freeze can be purchased on the day not practiced or the day after my longer streak (16 days) should not have been lost.

Finally, can we have a UI to see a history of when and for what we spend our lingots on?


This looks to be an issue with how the server accounts for time. Thanks to customer support, I was just able to verify that it registered my streak freeze purchase for 5:00 AM Sunday the 13th, when I actually purchased it before midnight on Saturday the 12th.

Until this is fixed, streak freezes purchased too late in the day might not take effect because the server registers the purchase according to its own local time. At least this is what I think happened in my case.


Do you recall when you purchased your streak freeze?


I think it was saturday night around midnight, so it also could have been on sunday between 0:00 and 1:00am


happened to me as well, but only with a 16 day streak... I lost my lingot wager, my streak, and for some reason the streak freeze still says "equipped"


Same thing just happened to me. I got the streak freeze around the time the store was rolled out to only a fraction of the users. I took one day off and now both the streak and the streak freeze are gone.


This just happened to me. I purchased a streak freeze yesterday since I couldn't practice. Today I logged on and my 38 day streak is gone and the freeze is still equipped.


I bought a streak freeze Tuesday night, close to 11 pm. Today at 5 PPM I was listed at zero days. How do I get Duo Lingo to honor my purchase & get this fixed?


MY streak freeze ALSO says EQUIPPED!!!


I just lost my 32 day streak as well! Equipped before midnight, says it's there, but still lost it!

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