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  5. "A wife and a husband"

"A wife and a husband"

Translation:Дружина і чоловік

June 5, 2015



what is the best word to use for and in this case? what is the reasoning?


You mean whether to use 'і', 'й' or 'та'?

The rules say, that you use 'й' in the following cases:

  • between vowels: Олена й Ірина

  • at the beginning of a sentence if the following word starts with vowel: Й історію треба вивчати

  • after consonant in case if next word starts with vowel: збираюсь й іду

  • after pause (usually marked with dash, semicolon, colon, etc) if next word starts with vowel: Тільки глянула на нього – й ось він поряд.

'і' and 'та' can be used interchangeably or in a sentences where you would like to avoid repetition of one or another (although it is not recommended to use 'та' if the following word starts with 'та', as that sounds not very well :))

So, in this particular case it should be either 'і' or 'та'


Stop ! What ? Why "Дружина i чоловiк" isn't correct answer ?


It must be one of the acceptable answers. Are you sure you typed it correctly? If yes - please report this.


I did report, but I don't know will it change anything or not...


What is the difference between дружина and жінка? The former more former than the latter?


дружина - is more formal and means wife жінка - can have two meanings: 1) a woman 2) a wife Referring to a wife as жінка is less formal and more colloquial


Can't access ukrainian letters

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