"Jentenes epler"

Translation:The girls' apples

June 5, 2015

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Shouldn't it be "the girls' apples"?


FYI: "the girls' apples" worked OK for me!


Yes, that's what the sentence says on our end, but apparently not what's being shown to users. Do you remember what kind of exercise you did when it showed up without the apostrophe?

To anyone with the same issue, please take a screenshot and report the bug through this form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I had to translate Norwegian to English and wrote "the girls' apples". My answer allegedly contained a typo and should have been the girls apples (note the lack of ' ). But my answer was also listed as another correct solution below. I'm not sure how to post a screenshot, but I've tried to give an exact description. HTH!


I just had the same issue. I used the button to report it. (July 22, 2016) I clipping a screenshot to a public Facebook post. I hope this works. http://tinyurl.com/h2u52o3

Let me know if you have trouble seeing it.


I got the exact same thing just now


same. also reported it.


It hasn't worked yet. :(


Translate: Jentenes epler answer: the girls' apples

Duolingo response: Almost correct! Duolingo's "correct answer": The girls apples

correct answer should be: the girls' apples


Same. I've seen <'s> as an option on other exercises but not <'> when it should be present


Yes, it turns out there's an issue that makes non-letter characters disappear at the end of words in exercises where you need to form sentences from those little tiles. The tiles are based on word hints, but they read them incorrectly and lose information.

It's been reported to the devs, so we just have to wait at this point.


How do we get the screenshot to you? It's apparently not been fixed.


You can upload a screenshot with your bug report, here:


It's the one where a set of words appear and you have to choose the right ones. I have a screenshot but idk where to post it.


Thank you, that's very helpful to know! If you could upload it somewhere and then link it to me on my profile that'd be much appreciated.


Hi Deliciae, just wanted to give you a heads up this is still occurring a year later, think the fix may have gotten lost somewhere :P http://imgur.com/Y1VQyPM


You and me both!

Please see my post farther down about how to report it to someone who might (in a few years' time) decide to fix. :)


Thank you for the screenshot! I wish they'd hurry up and fix this already. :/


Hey, having the same issue. I've had it both as girl's and girls' and the same with boy's and boys'. I made a screenshot but I am not sure how to send it. Could you let me know how and in the meantime I'll try taking more screen shots.

BTW, I am using the app on a phone.


That would be excellent if you could report it with screenshots of multiple examples. Here's a link to detailed instructions on how to report a bug. You can find it by hovering over your avatar, then clicking on Help:

Thanks so much!


Still hasn't been fixed it's 2020 for goodness sake


Be warned that the normal speed audio isn't very good, the s should be pronounced with the first word (the slow speed audio is correct).


How can I say for example "Lars' apple", or all the words what end with s?


"Lars' eple" also works, apparently: http://www.sprakradet.no/sprakhjelp/Skriveregler/tegn/Apostrof/#apostrof "I ord som slutter på -s, -x eller -z, markeres genitiv bare med apostrof."


This form is an alternative to the genitive s, but is a different style usually regarded as informal.


context or "eplet til Lars" same problem in english


In English it usually gets pronounced "Larses apple."


How do you say "The girl's apples"? (as in just one girl?)


Jentas epler


Bare hyggelig!


If you have issues with the plural possessive being graded incorrectly in this sentence, or are being shown a possessive without the required apostrophe as a recommended answer, please take a screenshot and make a thread about it in the Troubleshooting forum and also report it as a bug.

Remember to make it clear that this is a recurring issue affecting all plural possessives, and not just a case of a missing accepted translation.

We made the developers aware of this issue over a year ago, but new features keep getting priority over bug fixes. Perhaps a little more user attention in channels they actually read might do the trick.


This time I wrote "The girls' apples" and was marked correct, so hopefully the possessive plural problem is fixed.


false report from me. after coming back I realize it was a possessive plural. Apologies. I wrote girl's which is indeed different than girls'.

Usually I catch that, maybe I know enough that my two languages are starting to interfere lol. I will refrain from the report button much more now.


Thank you for the heads up. :0)


It's a long long threat about the bug in this example. So I'm seriously worried that my earnest grammatical concern we'll get lost and drowned. The English translation is "the girls' apples", or "apples of the girls". Would "the apples of the girls" be "jentenes eplene"??


As much as I know, you cannot say that. You can think about it as saying "the girls' the apples" in English.


My assumption is you would have to say, "Eplene til jentene."

Correct me if I'm wrong.


You can say both "Eplene til jentene" and "jentenes epler." They mean the same.


English apostrophes aside, does Norwegian not use apostrophes to indicate possession. IOW: Jentenes' epler? Are there ever apostrophes used in Norwegian?


In Norwegian apostrophes are not used for possession. A simple "s" is sufficient, so it is "Jentenes epler".


How would be in Norwegian indefenite form? "Girl`s apple" ?


You mean "a girl's apple"?
That's "en jentes eple" or "ei jentes eple".


Plural possessive requires an apostrophe in English.


There should be an apostrophe in girls (girls'). Sometimes one sees the added apostrophe s.


Well minimized rules for the use of the possessive apostrophe in English.
1) in singular nouns the possessive adds an 's to the word, unless the singular form ends in s. example: girl - girl's or Chris - Chris' This second form is pronounced as if it had an added syllable; Chrises.
2) In plural nouns except for rare exceptions, the word take s' example girls - girls'
There are variations and odd times this rule doesn't work, but most of those seem to be "loan" words to English.

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