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Progress quiz at first checkpoint: 1.53

I started just days ago, I've never studied any Esperanto before, and I haven't yet memorised the tables of things like kiel/kiu/kiom/etc. which will help. I intend to do a progress quiz at each checkpoint (well, there's only two more) and when I finish the course, so that I can see how I, well, progress.

I am very happy with this first score. There were quite a few sentences from lessons I'd already done, and halfway through the test I figured out that "paĝo" must be "page". There were no tense changes and only one sentence with two verbs (as in, povas (something)i). I think I did best on the "write what is said" questions, because Esperanto spelling is so logical and I could repeat the audio many times. I was of course very lacking in vocabulary! When I didn't know a word, I still filled in as much other stuff as I could, even though it wouldn't do any good.

I thought progress quizzes were meant to include material from the whole course, though. I don't think this one did, due to the aforementioned lack of variety in verbs, and the fact that only about half the sentences had key words I didn't know.

Anyway, that's my feedback. Have any of you taken a progress quiz yet? What score did you get? (If anyone wants to take a quiz but doesn't have the lingots, tell me and I'll gladly sponsor you.)

June 5, 2015



i forgot to do one! thanks for reminding me! (I'm half way between the 1st and 2nd checkpoint)

Edit : got 1.53 too! haha


1.94... gxi montas ke Esperanto estas tre facila!


I've got to the 2nd checkpoint but haven't done anything yet. I've scored 2.14


I got 2.14. I'm about halfway through the third tree, right at dates/times, and I've been studying Esperanto for about a week. I hope to finish the third tree this weekend!


I scored 1.12 ... looks like I'm at the bottom of this class. Haha. My big problem is remembering the vocabulary - there were things I knew how to write but the single vocabulary word just led me to skipping it. Listening is tough too, but I did get a few of them so I'm happy about that.


Thanks for idea, just reached first checkpoint! I've got 1.73


I finished the first checkpoint tonight, and got a 1.32 on the progress quiz.


I haven't taken one and I'm already past the 2nd check point. I'm going to go do that now. Let's see what I score.


I don't know how to take a screen shot, but I got a 2.75.


It didn't occur to me to take the progress test till I had almost finished the tree, unfortunately! I wish I had thought of doing so at each checkpoint.

From various tests on various trees, I think it adjusts somewhat to your level - if you get things right, it gets harder, if you get them wrong, it gets easier. So you don't always get stuff from much later in the tree, or at least that is my experience/impression.

Well done! (And I'll happily join sponsoring people who don't have the lingots but want to take the test :))

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