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"My friend eats everything except fish."

Translation:Mia amiko manĝas ĉion krom fiŝaĵo.

June 5, 2015


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are you really sure to use accusative?


Yeah I think this smells wrong.

http://bertilow.com/pmeg/gramatiko/rolmontriloj/rolvortetoj/aliaj_rolvortetoj/krom.html has "Krom tiu mono [...] ŝi havas jam nenian alian" which has roughly the same structure and no accusative on the noun under the preposition "krom", which is what I'd expect anyway.


I decided to test the grammar here and put "amikino" instead of "amiko". It was marked wrong. Does this mean there is no word for "female friend"?

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"Amikino" is a valid word and does mean "female friend". There could have been other reasons why Duo didn't accept it here, or it could have been a glitch.


I used "geamiko" and that was also marked as wrong. I've reported it


Is this my first time seeing amiko in this course? I maybe it isn't, but I think it's a good idea to introduce new words with pictures. It helps the meaning stick. Although that one isn't hard to remember


Much agreed - a little explanation would go a long way... I end up learning most of the stuff from the comments section xD

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