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Information about some Norwegian textbooks:

Hello everyone!,

I have some questions about these textbooks I saw for Norwegian. As far as I know they are official ones used in Norway! They are called 'På vei' , 'Stein på stein' and 'Her på berget'.

Are these for English speakers learning Norwegian or Norwegian speakers learning English? Does anyone know where I can buy the latest editions for the cheapest price? Are there any workbooks to accompany these? Where can I get them? Are there any similar books: ones used in the USA etc. Just in case these ones are too expensive.

Thank you for your help! Tusen takk:)

June 5, 2015



I have all 3 and they're entirely in Norwegian. Not a single word of English. I have all textbooks but workbooks for "Stein på stein" and "Her på berget" only, not for "På vei". Not sure if there isn't one or I simply don't have it. Got audios too, except for "Her på berget". I presume there is an audio but I don't have it. The only full set I have is "Norsk for utlendinger". Entirely in Norwegian again.

I got them years ago at university (really wanted to learn Norwegian but only got to it now... better late than never huh?) not online so I wouldn't know about where to find them now. There are most likely copies sold online.


I started with På vei a few weeks before the Norwegian course became available here, it is entirely in Norwegian, but very intuitive to work with. I have not looked at the books since I started Duolingo though, I personally find it a lot easier to learn from just Duolingo in combination with Norwegian TV.

You can get many of the Norwegian language books from the link in this reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/23l7p4/resources_for_over_40_languages100s_of_gbs/


I have not idea where you can find these books in the US... but there are free exercises on the publisher's website: https://pavei-oppgaver.cappelendamm.no/ http://steinpastein-oppgaver.cappelendamm.no/ http://herpaberget.cappelendamm.no/ And yes, there is a textbook, a workbook and a cd for each one of them.

For other books, we used Norsk på 1-2-3 (cappelen) instead of På vei. Our Norwegian teacher also recommended Norsk grammatikk - norsk som andrespråk (cappelen) which have a textbook and a workbook.


And there is also a free course available on the NTNU's website, probably the same level as På vei. http://www.ntnu.edu/now/info/guide

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