pass the baccalaureate

i am 16 years old i am morrocan and the next year i have the baccalaureate i am so scared and stressed!!!!!! you know the exam makes me feel bad .i am always thinking about it even we are not starting .i am so good in my study i am always the first in my classe i have a good marks but without the stress i can be better.please if you read my letter answer and give me solutions to fixe my problem.

June 5, 2015

28 تعليقًا

Recently the baccalaureate in Morocco began to face some real troubles each year because of the evolution of cheating, (We only have evolution in ridiculous stuff).

This year, there were a lot of obstacles. However, if you have well taken the regional exam, that would be a great motivation factor.

Hopefully you will succeed, you don't have to be afraid of a very simple exam. Good luck!! :)

firsly i wanna thank you i am so lucky because finally i found moroccan person that can help me and you 're right about that!!!a lot of obstacles specially this year i hope that will be better next year.

You're welcome!! Me too Glad to find a moroccan girl on Duo ;)

Fair is the biggest obstacle, you have to be confident ... And remember to WORK & STUDY HARD, because there is nothing worth comes easy !!!

thank you so much your comment is good

really i dont know

توكلي على الله..وبما أنك دائما الأولى ع صفك إذا رح تدرسي منيح وما بينخاف عليكي..بلنسبة للخوف فبرأي هو شعور طبيعي أي واحد عندو فحص فأكيد رح يشعر في ...حاولي تخفيفي بأنك تأولي لحالك المادة سهلة ورح جيب فيا علامات ممتازة إن شاء الله ..بلتوفيق

شكرا جزيلا على هذه النصيحة القيمة

ايه ده انتي بتعرفي تكلمي عربي

انا مغربية اي عربية

اتشرفت بمعرفتك

Good luck for you in baccalaureate

hello pass how are you

Ask your self "what is the worst thing could happen to you ?". stress is good to keep you focus on your goal but never let it control you

thank you all!!! yes that's right i will work on this problem i think all have the stress right?????

You should strive only

i hope you will doing well

yes i am good i will not die i am relaxing now

just do what makes you satify your self

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