"Дайте, будь ласка, меню."

Translation:Give me the menu, please.

June 5, 2015

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And what if you DO mean to say "Give the menu, please" ? Maybe you're asking someone to give the menu to someone else, not yourself. For example, could you say "Дайте йому меню" ?


I think that the word "мені" is implied in this sentence, and that you'd have to put the pronoun in any other case. I can't be absolutely sure of this, though.


In English you cannot say "Give the menu". It should be "give me" or "give us".


there's no "meni" in the ukrainian, so i didn't put a "me" in my answer. why was i wrong? is the "me" implied, and if so under what circumstances?


I think that's because it's wrong to omit a pronoun in English


me тут недоречне, бо "дайте меню, будь ласка" не обов'язково означає мені.


It's a typical Ukrainian phrase to ask for a menu in a restaurant or a cafe. "Me" (мені) is implied. If you meant "him," "her," ..., you would specify that.


Would this be the normal word order? It feels weird to put будь ласка in between the verb and the subject.

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