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Can't access account on phone or PC (fine on my Chromebook)?


I e-mailed an enquiry over a week ago and tried to follow up, but heard nothing from Duolingo.

About two weeks ago, my Duolingo account refused to log in from my computer at work. It said that my account didn't exist, so I tried on my phone (Nexus 5, Android running Lollipop) and it was running fine from the app. So, I left it and just continued to use it on my phone and Chromebook instead.

Then, a week later it stopped working on my phone and tells me that my account doesn't exist.

I'm now afraid to change anything on my Chromebook because I don't want to lose my progress on my languages (especially my French and Dutch). I've still tried logging in from my phone and work computer to no avail.

Suggestions? Thank you very much for your time!

June 5, 2015



Check the Settings to recheck the username you have selected. Are you trying this username when trying to login through your work PC?

Also make sure your correct email address is updated here. That way, in case you lose access at any point you can recover your account using this link.


Thanks, remoonline - it seems that my username had stayed the same, but that I had changed my e-mail address (it had stayed logged in on my Chromebook as it's a Gmail account). I'm feeling like such a doofus for not realising that I had changed the e-mail address! Thank you very much!

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