cant move on

I have done the 'people' unit about 5 times and it wont let me move on

June 5, 2015


Apparently (=according to your account), you need to complete the 5th lesson of the skill "places".
You didn't pass it that's (at least one reason) why you can't go to the next row.

its telling me my strenght is 5/5. and I have done it like I said about 5 times. But I'll try again. Thanks for all 3 comments

Would you have a screenshot of your list of lessons of the skill Places?

I just realised. there is no lesson 5 for 'people'

There should be 9 lessons, so here is the bug.

Try to access to the 5 missing lessons through, replacing "X" by 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

You could create a new discussion in this same forum with an explicit title (like "Lessons 5 to 9 of Skill Places missing in my Tree") to catch Duo staff's attention on this bug or write to them directly with this title and screenshot of your tree and details (like which course it is ;)).

thank you sorted

Have you also done places and to be?

I had that problem during a practice lesson. I managed to move on after turning the microphone on and doing the lesson again.

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