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"You have the salt, I have the sugar."

Translation:Du har saltet, jeg har sukkeret.

June 5, 2015



So if it's a statement, 'du' comes first and then 'har'. If it's a question, 'har' comes first and then 'du' ...Du har.......Har du

Is this right?


The problem with English is that it lacks a 2nd person plural.


If you want to, you can use 'you all', 'you guys' or 'you people' when translating to distinguish plural from singular.


If they want second person plural, they should say one of those things for all uses of "dere"


Not where i come from. "Y'all" is used so commonly and even in polite speech. Linguists would consider it legitimate and so do I.


Just for the information of non-native english speakers, this sentence in english is actually incorrect. It needs to have an "and". It can't just be divided with a comma. I have sent a report to have it corrected. Just thought it might be helpful to know :)


It also marks you as right when you use a semicolon, even tho that is not the 'correct' translation Duo gives, which allows you to be grammatically correct without being marked down.

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