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No Esperanto in the App

I started learning Esperanto from the app and from me PC as well yesterday. But today, the app started automatically changing to "From Portuguese to English" and then Esperanto disappeared from the menu. I can only learn it from PC but not from the app. I reset the Esperanto progress, started it again but still no Esperanto in my app. Any fix for this? Thank you!

p.s. When I try to add another language, the menu seems to malfunction, I press for example Spanish, it says that I choose Italian.

June 5, 2015



Adding to jrikhal's great tip for switching your language:

The Esperanto course is in beta, which means the current launch is a "test" version where users are trying it out and reporting any errors. Whenever a new course begins beta testing, it is first released to the website, as multi-platform support is a recipe for more errors and extra work for those involved in creating the course (both the course's volunteers and the Duolingo staff). Once the course becomes more stable, as measured by the average number of reports per 100 users, it will be released to the apps via an update. (It's an error if you were able to access the course through the app already, which is also what caused the app to switch to the wrong language, because Esperanto is currently unsupported on all platforms except the website.) Based on previous courses, it should take a few weeks before the course is released to the apps. I think the most recent beta launch, Turkish for English speakers, took around a month to become available on them.

In the meantime, you can access the course on your mobile device through your web browser. There's a mobile version of the site that looks very similar to the (iOS) app and supports languages as soon as they're released to beta. You can also switch to the desktop version (while still on your mobile browser) if you'd like to help out the course creators by reporting errors (the report a problem button isn't in the mobile version of the site), but it's a bit clunkier to use. Just be sure you're checking for updates for the app so you can get the course on your app as soon as it's available.

Hope this helps!


See here for alternative methods to choose a course. Hope it'll help.


I found a way to access to the esperanto course form an Android phone; you need to have google now activated with the duolngo cards.

Google now will suggest you to make the courses for the languages you are training, including esperanto; make sure duolingo is closed and then open the card for esperanto from the google now interface; first it will show the message that the language isn't available and then will load your next lesson. When you finish the lesson it will force you to move to another language.

I find it quite fine, and I don't care whether Esperanto beta is or not, sometimes I want to just make a lesson form the comfortableness of a smartphone App without load the website which never fits perfectly my phone screen. I hope it will get official soon, because It is annoying to use the webbrowser to access to the grammatical lessons.


Same here... in addition later it moved me to english for dutch (which I never selected). I hope they will add it soon for the apps, which are a great comfortable thing.

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