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  5. "Так, мама там."

"Так, мама там."

Translation:Yes, mom is there.

June 5, 2015


[deactivated user]

    so exited they finally have ukranian!


    Already love this language because tak is yes in Polish and I know a lil Polish so this is great!


    Tak is yes, right? It is not da


    "да2 is Russian for "Yes." "Так" is Ukrainian for "Yes." Incidentally, "Так" is "so" in Russian.


    Yes, our language is hell


    You are correct. Dah, I believe, is German.


    very close, yes in German is 'Ja'


    Is it supposed to be an answer or a question?


    It has a "yes", so it's an answer :)


    Bro this is like Russian


    What does Tam mean?


    "I am live there" = "Я живу там"


    Does там mean "there" or "is there"? If it is the former, why does the sentence not require a verb?


    там itself means 'there', but in Ukrainian we don't generally use the verb 'to be' when in English they would i.e. we can say 'мама Є там' where "є" is the form of the verb 'to be' which refers to 'is' in English OR we can say just 'мама там' without the verb to be. so that's why in English we have 'is there' and in Ukrainian just там(there). But you should understand that in these kind of sentences the verb 'to be' is always 'meant to be' there but we don't use it most of the times.

    I'm sorry if I wasn't clear :)

    Maybe further examples will help you:

    I AM here - Я тут = Я Є тут You ARE at school - ти в школі = ти Є в школі She IS a teacher - вона вчитель = вона Є вчитель It IS red - воно червоне = воно Є червоне We ARE in Ukraine - ми в Україні = ми Є в Україні They ARE young - вони молоді = вони Є молоді

    both are equally correct and undersandable BUT we won't use the latter form often, but rather when we want to emphasize something


    Why are they using "m" for the Ukrainian "м"? I think of the "m" as the "handwritten" version of the letter, which looks funny on a webpage using text that is not teaching handwriting. I also see letter height differences, when the English alphabet letters is used to type Ukrainian, and it just looks odd to me. lol I would have wrote "Tak, mama tam." as "Так, мама там." Thanks!


    I have just rearrangged my words. I am also correct.


    My friend is a little Russian and i am a little Ukrainian


    Dang it . i just now wrote tato mama tam .


    Much Harder than I thought english we have 26 letters Russian has 36 letters


    Doesn't make any sense though mom there's something


    Is there a way I can save these new words so I can visit them later

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