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  5. "Tus medias son largas."

"Tus medias son largas."

Translation:Your socks are long.

December 27, 2012



In Spain that's a good translation but I got marked wrong when I used it in an earlier section.


For me medias has always been generically any type of socks (when speaking to my mom from South America). I'm normally seeing 'stockings' as the correct translation, which in American English would be either a very old fashioned or long pair of socks, or a very sexy or old fashioned substitute for pantyhose. (They are not attached together, and also not the same as tights.) Stockings and socks are not really interchangeable in American English. But I am also getting socks as a correct answer. I am totally fascinated by all of the socks words you are all mentioning from all over the world.


Gracias for sharing. This is part of the reason I love Duolingo. We get to hear tidbits like these. :)


Medias, as far as I know can be used in South America as "socks", whilst is stockings in Europe. It means also "long socks", such as the ones used in football.

The reason is that in the old times there was only a type, which was medias on the bottom of the leg and calzas on the upper. The evolution of clothes resulted in kind of a mess really. If you are aware of what calzas and medias (old time) are, all derivations of those will be more or less clear to you


I thought it was tights???


Yes, las medias means the tights.


In Spain "calcetin" is the more common translation. I think "media" is more reserved for long socks-like footballers wear.


I have never come across medias meaning socks


It also means "stockings". I'm pretty sure they teach it around the beginning of the course.


In Latin America medias refers to socks or tights.


I jumped a couple of steps so may have missed the reference I had only come across calcetin previously. That is the trouble with having done some other courses before you are never too sure what you can safely skip over. :)


Again we're not seeing European translations accepted. Duolingo has to become more international


yeah it really doesn't make sense to put the flag of spain and not teach the spanish spoken there


In Chile, where they speak "castellano", or a more Spain Spanish, they say "calcetines".


why is it long stockings not large ones if large is another meaning for largo - in England stockings come in small medium and large


To the best of my knowledge large is not another meaning for largo. Large is grande.


then why when I encountered largo for the first time did it give three meanings - the first two of which were long and large ( I wrote them down on my vocab book) - obviously I try to use the feeling of the word that fits the language being translated into and generally stockings come in large not long


Like I said, this is to the best of my knowledge. I have never encountered a case where it was actually acceptable to translate largo as large.

http://www.merriam-webster.com/spanish/largo http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/largo

Duolingo is not always 100% accurate in their dictionary. It's best to check an actual Spanish/English dictionary.

And "Your stockings are long," sounds commentary.

Where I come from, "Your stockings are large," would be considered insulting.


Yes, you are right. Largo and large look alike but mean none the same :)

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