Lingot Store Update please !

Since i joined Duolingo i noticed the " lingotstore " hadn't changed much, i think its time for more contents, maybe i don't have a new ideas for a new contents but i am sure that there is someone who do, (e.g. a tool to count the days you spent in every skill , a more detailed statistics ~ like best day of learning , XP by time of the day graph , and maybe contents to listen to lecture and questions to follow, or maybe to translate essays, etc...,i am sure we can come up with more stuff if we discuss . Thanks .

6/5/2015, 11:49:12 PM

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I'm pretty sure Duo wants to add more (and maybe has already some ideas) but they have to prioritize the improvements they want to make and this is a long list. For example:

  • improve the incubator, in order to give tools to contribs to create better courses and in order to be able to add some new courses (non latin-script languages for example)
  • improve learning experience in the website
  • improve learning experience in each one of the apps (various phone OS, tablet OS, ...)
  • improve forums (search-engine, organization, tools for mods, ...)
  • make various features that are available in the website being available (in an user-friendly and ergonomic way for the support) in the apps and vice versa
  • improve
  • ...

i think its time for more contents

My guess is that the store is not that high in the priorities right now (thing which I agree) and being a small team they can't implement all things they would like to.

6/6/2015, 8:33:21 AM

Totally agree! :)

6/6/2015, 12:28:10 AM

Oh yeah!!!

6/6/2015, 2:25:08 AM

[deactivated user]

    yes they should!

    7/23/2015, 2:50:14 PM

    Yeah, we hope so

    8/2/2015, 5:25:02 PM

    I think there should be tests

    8/1/2015, 4:20:22 AM

    progress quiz could be found in the web page's lingotstore, amy :)

    8/2/2015, 5:26:58 PM
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