"Дід там."

Translation:Grandpa is there.

June 6, 2015

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Is there a problem with voice recognition here? I could not say дід там correctly no matter how I tried. I then tried several times with a google translate recording with complete failure. Lastly I recorded the voice from Duolingo and it still could not recognise the phrase! I have had no problems with other phrases.


There are some in my spanish lesson that no matter how much i try they never pick up right. I think it is a weird flaw.


"Grandad" should be accepted, no?


Дід sounds like "jeed." Is this correct?


No, it sounds like "deed"


the first d seems to be palatalized by the following i which makes it sound kinda like j but it's not


I cant seem to get the pronunciation right. I tried it many ways. Could it be bugged?


Дід там means is grandpa there? Or Grandpa is there. They are showing that both are right. The only difference is '?' at the end after this word (дід там).. Can anyone tell me what is right?


In writing, you can tell the declarative sentences in the present tense (Дід там.) from the question in the present tense (Дід там?) only by the punctuation. In speech, the question has a rising intonation.


I use "Є" ('is' from the verb 'to be') in my Ukrainian sentences. (That's how I've been taught at Ukrainian School & by my parents & Babusia.)

So I would say: "Дід Є там." or "Дід там Є." Both are correct. DL should accept this form of speech as well. People still use it every day. It's not 'archaic' as some think.

So, would you rather 'Be' ('exist') "Є" or not 'exist'? After all, at the 'Invictus Games 2017' they printed posters with "Я Є" = "I AM"... Shouldn't we respect the language & soldiers in these 'Invictus Games' who fought for their countries?

"To BE" & "to BE RESPECTED" is vital to any Human BEing & their Language.


Would it also be correct to say дідо for grandpa?


That's a western dialectical variant


I wrote grandfather. INCORRECT. Grandpa But grandpa and grandfather is the same word


Always when i type XTo TaM is not correct and i type yit Tam and my answer is not corect i don't have computer i take my class from my phone how i can type the right way because every day is the same and i can't go to the next level thank you for your help.


Is дід grandfather (standard) or grandpa (familiar)? Or is it the same word for both nuances in Ukrainian?
I have the same problem with тато (dad for DL, but father for several online dictionaries) and мама (mom for DL, but mother for several online dictionaries).


I am a native speaker of another East Slavic language so I was surprised Duolingo can't understand me when I say "там", 'though I said it 100% same as Ukrainians should do. It's not the matter of accent or my diction.


Whats the difference between "дід" and"Дідусь"?


It's the same but "Дід" is more formal than "дідусь"

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