"Mia najbarejo estas la mondo."

Translation:My neighborhood is the world.

June 6, 2015

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Never really thought about how weird the word neighborhood is until thinking about it in Esperanto... neighbor place. Haha.


It's not that weird; the English word "neighbourhood" literally means near-living-ness.

Neigh- from "nigh", from "nær", "near" - yes, this means the modern Australian accent is nearer the OE pronunciation of the word "neighbours".

-bour- from "bor" (so the spelling in use in the US is older than the spelling we now use in the UK and Commonwealth) "living" (in the sense of "loĝi", not in the sense of "livi")

-hood from "-het", an ending for many nouns that corresponds to the English -hood or -ness (like -skap corresponds to -ship as a noun ending in the same way)


Multe dankegon por tio.


The earth is but one neighborhood, and all the people our neighbors.


Ĉu vi havas grandegan najbarejon aŭ malgrandega mondon?


Does this sentence mean that you consider the whole world to be your neighborhood or that you consider your neighborhood to be the whole world?

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