"He doesn't suppose so."

Translation:Ele supõe que não.

October 2, 2013

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Why not "Ele não supõe que sim" ? Isn't supposing no the same as not supposing yes?


I think that "Ele não supõe que sim" suits better in this sentence than "Ele supõe que não" that would be "He supposes not". I agree with you, frost! And I am Brazilian! We can express such feeling this way, why not? :)


In a logical or literal sense, I agree with mfischern, but language doesn't always follows logic. Despite we can express in this way, this way isn't commom.


For us that translation sounds weird. One would hardly ever express such feeling this way.


that being said, it sounds weird in english as well


The translation doesn't feel like it fits to me. There is a small but significant difference between "he doesn't suppose so" and "he supposes not".


I totally agree. There is difference which the above Portuguese translation does not seem to carry with it.


"Ele não supõe assim/tão" wouldn't be an acceptable alternative/s, no?


No. These are fixed expressions:

  • I believe so = Acredito que sim
  • I think so = Acho que sim
  • I hope so = Espero que sim
  • I suppose so = Suponho que sim


Thanks. That's going to be very helpful!


Is "ele não o supõe" right?


I dont think a native would express himself this way...


Duolingo says I used the wrong word. I did NOT use the wrong word, I used the incorrect order. Also, when the sound doesn't recognize my pronunciation, there is no longer an opportunity to hear again the sound of the word I didn't get right. Please, please bring that feature back. It helps.


@SteveSauls Staff doesn't read sentence discussions. You have to communicate to them through this form https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- or buy Plus (direct email adresss from Plus team). Former course moderators are not responsible for pronunciation speaking exercises or what errors the system throws at you (wrong nearest matching error / alternative answer vs best default solution).

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