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Alia arbo falis

Another tree fell, after 207 days i have finished a tree. It means quite a bit that Esperanto is my fist finished tree because i joined Duolingo because i heard that Esperanto was coming to Duolingo. Now a litter more then i week or so sense i started i'm done. Mi finis mia arbo!!

June 6, 2015



Is any one keeping a record of all those who complete the tree? I know they do it some of other languages.


the Golden Owl Hall of Fame keeps track of trees. That's not to say we couldn't make a specific Esperanto HOF on this forum for golden owls, progress test scores, levels, etc, if people wanted to.


Awesome! Congrats! :D


Gratulon! (ETA: it was EO's impending arrival that had me finally using Duolingo, too, though I had had an account here for some time! So it was fitting that it was my second owl :D)


Well done. I also specifically joined Duolingo to do Esperanto and ended up starting Spanish while I was waiting.


Congratulations! :D

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