"Et vakkert sinn"

Translation:A beautiful mind

June 6, 2015



RIP John Nash. Remember to buckle your seatbelts, kids.


sounds like "et vakkert sh-inn". is that right


No, it should be pronounced with no "h" sound and in one syllable.


I've heard (or misheard) some native speakers pronounce "rt" like English "tch". An example is this Siri Nilsen song. At about 0:25, I believe she is saying "at alt blir klart", and it sounds for all the world to me just like an American would pronounce "clotch", were there such a word. Might that be what is making what sounds like sh-inn" instead of "sinn"? The "s" coming right after "tch"?


The video isn't available for me, so I can't comment on that, but even if we allow for a slight "h" sound, there is no excuse for breaking "sinn" into two syllables.


I wasn't thinking about the two-syllable thing, but yes, there is a glitch in the audio where there is a break in the pronunciation of "sinn". Can you comment "klart" being pronounced like "clotch"? The song is "Det som reparerer alt", if you have some other access to that other than via YouTube.


That movie is flipping awesome.


Could it be that the s is pronounced as a sh due to the influence of the preceding retroflex t caused by its preceding r?


To me it sounded like "et vakkert shkinn". When the words are spoken alone it says "sinn"

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