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  5. "Det vil ta et lite øyeblikk."

"Det vil ta et lite øyeblikk."

Translation:It will take a short moment.

June 6, 2015



Small/little moment makes no sense in English...


Little moment sounds fine to me. Small moment seems strange.


Yah, I translated to "time" because I thought the same, but alas I was marked incorrect.

To me when I think of just the word "moment", I think of it as single point in time, it can be neither large or small.

However, I can also think of the saying: "That will be a moment" or "Just a moment" Which implies that the moment is a period of time.

The dictionary says, "a very brief period of time"


A moment cannot be "small" in english... As it doesnt have a size - or is that accepted english these days?


Technically speaking a moment is a medieval unit of time that lasts 90 seconds, but that original archaic meaning has fallen out of usage (because of the ratio between minutes and moments became too awkward) and we are left with a word that just means a brief period of time.


Its not in the midwest of america


"That will take a little while." is my suggestion. NOT the slickest English you ever heard, I'll admit, but much better than any "small moments" you might run into... (not likely.)


That will take a little while seems pretty natural to me. Not formal, but very natural.


I wonder if anyone noticed that øyeblikk looks like eyeblink. In other words, moment = blink of an eye. Pretty accurate.


It's the same in German, not too surprising as all three are so closely related: ein Augenblick is a moment. Auge = 'eye' in German, and Blick actually means something more like 'a view' or 'a glimpse', not a blink. Nevertheless, I always thought of it in exactly the same way - 'a blink of an eye' - to help me remember it when I was starting to learning German. :-)


I really think they should accept "That will take a little time"... which is MUCH more common as an English translation here, than would be "That will take a little moment" (which IS accepted). Just MHO.


I was told you couldn't say "vil" where you mean "will" and that you always had to say "skal"


In most cases that is true for most phrases, but you can translate 'will' to 'vil'. In some phrases it's best to use 'vil', but in most cases 'skal' would be most common.


Could you make "will" acceptable? I think I got it wrong because if the confusion.


Where is 'will' not accepted?


Oh sorry I forgot exactly what the sentence was. "It wants to take a small moment" is not accepted.


That would be a very unusual way of saying it. In general 'det' isn't used for sentient beings, so a non-sentient being wanting to take a moment would be rare. And I'm not even sure if it's possible for a beings to take a moment?

'vil' can translate to both 'wants to' and 'will', but there is nothing in this sentence that would make you think there is anything to 'want', so this would be wrong. These aren't interchangeable in English.


Can't I use 'this' here?


No, but you could use "that".

den (m/f), det (n) = it/that
denne (m/f), dette (n) = this


A small moment = an instant?

Or is a small moment a vaguer length of moment, i.e. a shorter version of "little while"?


Can I say "Det skall ta et lite oyeblikk"?


Isn't the more correct Norwegian sentence in this case 'Det SKAL ta et lite øyeblikk'. I thought 'vil' was indicating a wanting form of the word, where as skal means will in relation to time.


It would be, if the subject was a person. It's entirely based on context, but what I've figured out is that you use "skal" when a person or otherwise living thing is planning on doing something, and you would use "vil" when you are saying a living thing wants to do something or when an inanimate thing is going to do something. In other words, use "skal" when someone has planned to do something, and use "vil" in all other cases where this question arises.


a short moment or a little while is best ,not small, which is not English. Pedantically speaking a moment is a short period of time anyway.


I would agree that "a small moment" is awkward English. Perhaps "It will take an instant."


Or, "It will take a little while."


"It will take a SHORT moment" is the more natural-sounding answer.

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