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"The cats drink milk at quarter past seven."

Translation:Kediler yediyi çeyrek geçe süt içer.

June 6, 2015



Wien do I use geçe and wien geçiyor ?


This is actually explained in the tips and notes

  • Saat kaç? (What time is it?)
  • Yediyi çeyrek geçiyor. (it is 7:15)
  • Saat kaçta geleceksin? (At what time will you come?)
  • Yediyi çeyrek geçe. (at 7:15)


Can it also be "Kediler saat yediyi çeyrek geçe süt içer"?


I wrote "Kediler süt yediyi çeyrek geçe içer." but it was marked wrong...why? Can't you mention the time after the object or would the meaning just be different?


General direct objects have to be directly before the verb :)


Thanks for that info Alex as I hadn't realized that either


why it's wrong ? kediler yediyi cayrek gece sut "icilar"


I don't think icilar is even a word. Were you going for içerler?

From what I have read on these forums, that may be used by some Turks, but it is not considered grammatically correct to add -ler to the verb if the subject is mentioned and is plural and is not human.


thanks a lot..yes i mean "içerler"


Following the example given, I wrote 'Saat yediyi çeyrek geçe kediler süt içer.' It was marked incorrect. However the reply to mizinamo suggests it may be correct. If so, please allow.


Just a forgotten alternative. When you are answering "at what time," there is a tendency to drop "saat." It is accepted now though :)

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