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"Vil du være snill å ta en appelsin?"

Translation:Will you please take an orange?

June 6, 2015



If I were to say "will you please do that" in English, it would probably sound like I'm upset or out of patience. (Will you PLEASE take an orange? I've only been asking you for a thousand times!) Does the Norwegian construct have the same connotation?


No, I wouldn't say that - not unless you were obviously upset.


I agree with you, and if the question is supposed to be neutral (not annoyed/ emphatic) then the translation ought to be "Please will you take an orange?".


But again the rather odd English translation is very useful because it teaches one the Norwegian form. We are, after all, not trying to learn English.


As a native English speaker I actually feel like "please will you..." is much less common than "will you please..." and can even feel a bit childish. And I don't agree that "will you please..." makes you sound as if you're upset or out of patience; only if you were obviously upset, like Delicae said above. I think it can definitely be said in a neutral way or in a hopeful way, seeing as you're asking someone to do something.


"Would you please be so kind as to take an orange?" 《Correct!》


What's the difference between "vær så snill" and "være så snill?"


The former is an imperative, while the latter is an infinitive and would be used following a modal auxiliary verb ("vil" in this sentence).


Jeg tror at "appelsin" uttales feil, med en pause.


Another "vil" that's throwing me off haha should either be "skal" or mean "want"


It makes sense (to me, anyway) to read this literally as "do you want to be so kind as to take an orange?"


skal eller onske


Is the difference in the pronunciation of "så" between "være så snill" and "vær så snill" because of the "r" ending in "vær"?

(Since usually the "så" has a "sh" sound but with this it doesn't)


For anyone else who had the same question, it is because of the r at the end of "vær". It's called a reflex sound.


"Please will you take an orange" wasn't accepted, is it wrong?


In meaning, probably not. In sentence structure, it did not start with 'være så snill' so the translation probably shouldn't start with 'please.'


How does one specify between using "vil" as WANT to do something or WILL do something? There seem to be mamy cases where it could be both so how would you convey your actual meaning?


Hva med "Would you take an orange, please?"?


Duolingo knows I only had beer and Brezel today


Why the å? I thought that when you use vil no å is required


vil goes with være, no å (will you be...). then "å tå" = "to take" (... so kind to take an orange)


This reminds me of a Carnival In Coal song.... Didn't end too well for the fruit merchant....


It's weird that "be so kind to" = "please".


How is that weird? We even say it in English.

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