"Tallerkenene og smørbrødene"

Translation:The plates and the sandwiches

June 6, 2015

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Could you tell me, please if this is correct? En tallerken= a plate; tallerkenen = the plate; tallerkener = plates; tallerkenene = the plates?


if you notice here, Tallerkenene is pronounced with two "N"s when the audio is played in full, but with only one "N" when you hover the mouse over the word. So, which one is the correct pronunciation? Or does it differ on whether or not the word is at the beginning or at the end of the sentence?


I would pronounce that "tallerknene" - and I would write it that way too, though to my big surprise, this doesn't seem to be an accepted option now that I check the dictionary. Anyway, the full pronunciation with 3 e's and 2 n's sounds like something you would have to be a machine to bother with. We all strive towards sloppy pronunciation, don't we ;-)


You can say both. I would use one "n" in most cases, but two if I was stressing the word. For instance if I asked someone to bring "tallerkenene" and not bowls/glasses etc.


Both are correct, but the last one is a more full/clear prononciation

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    Pronunciation is a nightmare.


    Hm, for some reason it told me that "the plates and the OPEN sandwiches" was the correct translation.


    I can't pronounce smørbrødene....


    What more could you need?


    I noticed on a past exercise that plate seems to be interchangeable with tallerken? Is there any sort of difference? Is one used more commonly?


    "En/ei plate" is not something you can eat from, and I can't think of a context where you could use them interchangibly. It can be a big flat thing used as building material, or it can can be a record, DVD, etc.

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