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Euskara ikastaroa: Aurkibidea (Table of Contents)

While waiting for Basque to get accepted into the Incubator, i thought it might be nice to start with some simple lessons. I'll try to keep this page updated with a link to all the lessons available as they get created. The lessons/charts in here are free to use for whatever you want.
1go ikasgaia - Lesson 1: Alphabet, personal pronouns, and the verb izan
2garren ikasgaia - Lesson 2: Nor, Nongo, and demonstrative pronouns
3garren ikasgaia - Lesson 3: Nork, NOR/NOR-NORK verbs, future tense, negative sentences

June 6, 2015



Thank you! I've wanted to learn Basque ever since I visited the Basque country. It's a lovely place.


No problem, i hope i can help you out some so that the next time you go there you'll be able to speak a little Basque. Hopefully by then there will already be a Basque course here at Duolingo.


Will there be a Basque course for English speakers or will it be for Spanish speakers first?


It will most likely be for Spanish or French speakers first, but i'm sure there will eventually be one for English speakers as well :)


Wow good job, this link will be Gold in the future! Good luck :D


Thanks :) Feel free to jump in and start learning (and share any questions you've got)!


Ikasgai guztiei gainbegirada bat eman ostean zorionak eman beharra daukat! Jarraitu ezazu horrela, eta inolako dudaren bat baduzu edo zerbaitetan lagun bazaitzaket eskatu lasai laguntza, Eskerrik asko :D


Milesker! Irakodizunik baduzu, esan :)


Seeing this just now, but it makes me so happy to see! My husband is Basque and I have wanted to learn this beautiful language for such a long time so we can more easily pass it on to our son, I hope it'll be out soon! :)


Eskerrik asko! Basque is an amazing language, surprisingly there are quite a few good resources for English speakers already. I also hope the course will be out, soon. If you're interested in other resources, let me know! Another person and i have been working on our own Basque course, as well, but that might be a while before it's ready to be put out.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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