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"Familien spiser risalamande når de spiser sammen."

Translation:The family eats risalamande when they eat together.

June 6, 2015


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Riz a l'amande? Rice with almonds?

[deactivated user]

    Bah ouais, ça c'est vrai. Mais j'ignore pourquoi on l'appelle quelque chose en français.

    Danes eat risalamande as a dessert on Christmas Eve. It is served in a huge bowl with many broken almonds and just one whole one. As you eat your way through the dessert, the point is to get the almond. If you get it, you usually hide it to keep the excitement going. People are of course accusing eat other left and right of hiding the almond. When people have finished eating, it is revealed who got the almond, and he/she gets a small gift.

    This tradition is a lot of fun, especially because there is always that one funny uncle who brings his own almond.

    Children are usually served separate portions to make sure they get an almond.

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    You make me want to try that <3 thanx for the insight. I just read it's from the french because when it was created, french things were popular... yeah, so fancy to sound french lol The almond tradition is quite similar with the french "galette des rois" which is a pastry with a small.. thing inside, if you get it, you're elected King/Queen.

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    :-) You forgot the quotes: ... that one "funny" uncle... (I could see myself do that...) :-D


    So is risengrød risalamande without the almonds?


    No, ris a la mande is cold rice pudding mixed with (lots of) whipped cream, vanilla, small pieces of almonds, and then that one whole almond hidden inside.


    Risengrød is just the normal rice porridge (riisipuuro in Finnish).


    På dansk har man kongruens i højere grad end på engelsk, derfor: "Familien spiser risalamande, når DEN spiser sammen".


    could have sworn 'sammen' meant each other... ;)


    "Hinanden" is "each other," while "sammen" is "together."


    Denmark sure has a lot of rice dishes for a non asian country.

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