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  5. "What is the time?"

"What is the time?"

Translation:Hvad er klokken?

June 6, 2015



I know that in German there are many ways to ask for the time (Wie spät ist es, wie viel Uhr haben wir, etc.) Are there multiple ways in Danish as well?

[deactivated user]

    I can't come up with any other ways of asking for the time in Danish. I would always say "Hvad er klokken?"


    Would you say it differently in case «please» is added? E.g. «Undskyld, hvad er klokken?» «Hvad er klokken, tak.» Or is there an other equivalent for «please», like «bitte», «asjeblieft» in German and Dutch. Tak! :-)


    There's actually no word in Danish for please. Undskyld, hvad er klokken? Would be the most polite way of asking


    Just out of curiosity does anyone know if "Hvad er tiden?" is accepted?

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