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  5. "My clock is pink."

"My clock is pink."

Translation:O meu relógio é rosa.

October 2, 2013



Why does this adjective not end in "o" to match the gender of the noun?


Some colors are the same for both masculine and feminine genders, for instance: rosa, verde, azul, etc.


Can anyone please explain why this is "o meu" as oppose to Minha? I am a little confused. Obrigada!

  • meu is used for masculine words (meu carro, meu bilhete, meu plano) plural = meus

  • minha is used for feminine words (minha casa, minha passagem, minha intenção) plural = minhas.

As for the use of definite articles, check the link that I posted above ;)


Paulenrique you are the real MVP!


I believe that meu is the equivalent to the word my in English, whereas minho is the equivalent of the word mine. Then, these can be altered if referring to a plural noun, in which case you would add an S to the end.


minho is not correct ... Meu is the masculine word for my and Minha is the feminine word for the same word my


Eu sou um pouco confuso! Sometimes I see possessive pronouns preceded by a definite article and sometime I don't. When is it and is it not appropriate to use an article before a possessive pronoun? Thanks in advance!


The correct is "Eu estou um pouco confuso". If you're a woman, you must say "Eu estou um pouco confusa". (I'm a native Portuguese speaker, but I'm still learning English).


Ah, agora eu sei a diferença entre "ser" e "estar". E eu não uma mulher, mas muito obrigado! :)


"E eu não sou uma mulher"* ;)


Why does there have to be a "O" ? Is "Meu relógio é rosa" not correct? Why?


It is correct; the article before "meu" is optional in this case. Paulenrique's link (mentioned earlier) discusses situations where the article is optional, required and where it should be omitted.


Is it the same to say "cor de rosa" or just "rosa" when referring to pink?


I learned it cor de rosa as well... Eu não sei qual é melhor.

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