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"Oni diras, ke la germana estas malbela lingvo."

Translation:One says that German is an ugly language.

June 6, 2015



Ne! La germana estas bela lingvo. :)


why is there a comma in that sentence ?


It's a quirk of the language. It separates the independent clause from the dependent clause.


I think the "ke" indicates that there is a sub-sentence (here: conjunction or subjuction). I'm not sure if there is a strict rule for this in Esperanto, but in some other languages you would make a little pause where the comma is. My mother tongue is German. Unlike English it uses a lot of commas and it just "feels comfortable" where it is.

Anyway, the comma before "but" is right, isn't it? This is also a conjuction.

Perhaps it is a good idea to simply remember "ke" as a signal word for a good place to use a comma.


Actually, English uses commas quite a bit but most people just don't apply them .


La germana estas belega lingvo.

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