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  5. "A teacher and a director"

"A teacher and a director"

Translation:Учитель і директор

June 6, 2015



So what's the difference between учитель and вчитель?


They are interchangeable.

Most (all?) words in Ukr that start with в+consonant have their у+consonant counterpart (for the sake of euphony): вчитель-учитель, вже-уже, вночі-уночі, впасти-упасти.

You should try to avoid congestion of consonants and use у-versions after a consonant and at the beginning of a sentence. But this rule is sometimes neglected and because of that в-versions of some words became much more common


Thanks, I realized I hadn't read the "Tips & Notes" for this section :). Makes sense!


… so THIS is why there is the sentence "Це мій вчитель" in a training unit although it says in the "Tips and Notes": "[…] If it is a consonant, you start with “-у”: мій учитель" – right? (The statement implies that й has to be treated as a consonant, generally at least.)


Й is a strange sound. It is technically a consonant, but it's so nice and soft that it is okay to have two more consonants next it :)


… that's an almost poetic explanation ;-)


No difference in meaning. But usually you use word 'учитель' either at the beginning of sentence or after a word that ends in consonant and 'вчитель' if previous word ends in vowel. This is for euphony.


What a difference between "учитель " and "викладач " ?


учитель - in school, викладач - in higher ed


Why don't accept "вчитель і режисер"?

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