"I have been giving my best."

Translation:Eu tenho dado o meu melhor.

October 2, 2013



eu tenho dado o melhor de mim: why is this wrong? meu melhor, o melhor de mim... i see no difference

November 3, 2013


why are venho dando and tenho dado both correct? Dando vs dado...not sure I understand I guess two different tenses.

June 15, 2016


My answer was this: "Eu tenho estado dando o melhor de mim." and I got it wrong... Is this wrong for real? I was sure about this one, oh wow!!!

October 2, 2013


That is a literal translation that's not common in Portuguese =/

October 2, 2013


Thank you Paulenrique, I recognize I've been afraid when answering some questions, because many times if you don't give a LITERAL answer, then Duolingo takes one heart out from you... Thank you again my friend...

October 2, 2013
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