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Esperanto in 31 days.

I have set a goal for myself today. It is my sixth day doing the Esperanto course, and I love it! It is very easy to pick up, but I will have to work on my vocabulary some more. Anyway, I have decided I want to finish Esperanto by day 31 (Essentially a month) I have 25 days left. I will have to do about 9 lessons a day to finish in time. I would love to thank supporters, and the Esperanto team!

June 6, 2015



Good luck, and have fun!


Good stuff. May I ask why you came to Duolingo to study Esperanto? I see that it's the only course you are taking. Is Esperanto your first non-native language? Why Esperanto?


I started Dutch, but I wasn't having fun with it, so I stopped. And removed it. (I want to see if I can test out of anything when I go to it again) I wanted to do Esperanto since I joined Duolingo. I know very little German, and a sizeable amount of Dutch and Spanish. I heard Esperanto is easy so I wanted to start off with something easy. I love Duolingo and I hope to strengthen my Esperanto after I finish my tree!


Hey! How do you delete a tree? I really want to delete my French and test out of more stuff this time...


Arrow next to profile picture, Settings, Learning language, Reset or remove languages.


Thank you! I figured it out :)


I will try and join you. I have to do c. 8 lessons / day (+ strengthening) but that should be easier with a deadline.


I'll join you in this goal! I started on the 3rd of June, so that gives me until July 4 to finish! That's about 8 courses a day plus strengthening as needed to keep everything gold.


Good luck! I would love to do this too, as I have started recently and I love it, but I have my German tree to focus on too, so I can't neglect it to do 9 lessons a day :(. Although, maybe when another language comes out that I'm interested in I can set myself a goal like this :D!

Good luck my friend, I have faith in you!


Good luck with that. Let us know how it goes.


At that pace, you won't see many of your skills expire out and need strengthening. Good luck! Anyone know what the formula for determining how many skills need to be re-visited each day?


I'm curious about the formula too. Given the skills that I've seen needing strengthening so far, I suspect it's based mostly on how recently you've practiced that skill more than anything else.


It's probably a relatively sophisticated algorithm here at Duolingo with a lot of variables (and it's probably proprietary) but the main idea is spaced-repetition based on psychological science regarding forgetting. If you use a less sophisticated service like Memrise or Anki it is far simpler and more transparent: it starts you out at a short interval for a given prompt/fact and then each time you get it right it increases the forgetting-time exponentially (2 days to 4 days to 8 days to 16 days, etc). The time you are about to forget something is the best time to try and recall it, and this reinforces learning; if you get it wrong it will boot you back to some earlier interval.


Well it depends of the hours you use, and how easy you learn other languages. I learned the basic grammar in two months using and average of two hours EVERY day, but I needed a couple of months more to can speak it.


Bon┼Łancon kaj bonvenon al Esperantio!


Awesome! My goal is to be fluent, or at least mostly, by at most December next year.

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