"Because I am worth it"

Translation:Fordi jeg er verd det

June 6, 2015

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L'oreal Paris, hah! I'm loving these sentences!


Why can you say both verd and verdt?


They're both accepted spelling variants of the same word.


does the V-2 rule not apply here? I thought I might have been clever putting Fordi er jeg verd det


V-2 does apply indeed, but "fordi" is a conjunction which introduces a subordinate here so it is not considered to be part of the sentence (usually in German we say it occupies "position zero").

E.G: Jag (A1) ER (A2) sulten (A3)

Jag (B1) SPISER (B2) mat (B3)

Hvorfor (C1) SPISER (C2) du (C3) mat (C4)?

Jag (B1) SPISER (B2) mat (B3) – fordi (0) – Jeg (A1) ER (A2) Sulten (A3).

If you take only the part after fordi, like in this exercise's case, you see V-2 is followed.

It can also help you to think how other conjunctions, like "og", work:

Jag (B1) SPISER (B2) mat (B3) – og (0) – Jeg (A1) ER (A2) Sulten (A3).

You can find the explanation here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V2_word_order#Root_clauses


I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the V-2 rule, but "Fordi er jeg verd det" would be incorrect.

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