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"Vi spiser frokosten og lunsjen."

Translation:We are eating the breakfast and the lunch.

June 6, 2015



With the definite article this translation sounds a bit awkward in English. Is this the equivalent of saying "We are eating breakfast and lunch" in English?


I am norwegian and I never say "Vi spiser frokosten og lunsjen". I always say "Vi spiser frokost og lunsj"


I am having this problem as well. Breakfast isnt ever referred to as "the breakfast"


Maybe it's just a really forceful customer at a restaurant trying to make his point more definite.

"Sir, we're only serving dinner right now"

"We will be eating the breakfast and the lunch!"

"All right... I'll go grab you the breakfast and the lkunch menus..."


These are only exercises to practice definite articles, not something you'd say on a regular basis.


Brunch then :) Does Norwegian have such a construct?


Brunsj, pronounced 'brønsj'. We don't have elevensies, however...


Elevensies... made me smile... been a while since I heard that. Takk :)


The English may be grammatically correct, but we would never utter this phrase in its entirety.


Not at the same time, I hope!


The translation is awkward and wouldn't be said that way in English. Article use varies from language to language; where one may include or omit them, another language will do the opposite. The point of translating should be to render the idea not the word in another language in a way that sounds natural. That said, where you might in fact hear the article used in English would be at say a B, a tour, or a convention where "the breakfast and the lunch" are included.

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