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"Det står en mann med kniv bak gardinen."

Translation:There is a man with a knife behind the curtain.

June 6, 2015



Nå sover jeg ikke i kveld. Takk, Duo.


Å sove eller ikke å sove, det er spørsmålet...


Jeg vil sover med åpne øyne i natt.


Følg ikke med mannen bak gardinen!


You know this world is doomed when the contributors of the language spoken in the safest country in the world think this would be a really useful sentence to learn. xD


I know you're joking, but even then, I'd like to point out that the sample sentences aren't meant to be useful; they're meant to teach us the words and grammatical patterns. Generally speaking, unusual, funny and memorable sentences do the job better than mundane ones.


Yap! But it is too much memorable.


Unnskyld, Polonius.


This deserves a linglot...and poison in your ear.


Same to you--made me laugh a lot.


2 am is not a good time to use duolingo


We're just trying to motivate you to pull an all-nighter on Duolingo. ;)


Og du, Brutus?


Why not "en mann med en kniv"? In English version, the indefinite article is required in front of "knife"


When possessive the indefinite article is omitted when the object is singular. Why? I have no clue. I have this question too. Why do you not use it and are there any exceptions or anything?


I upvote that. Just made a mistake when translating it without an indefinite article. I'd rather prefer to see some rule explaining this as well


But it is not 'his' knife, it is a knife, at least as I assumed it. Help, someone?


True, but the focus is placed on the fact that he has a knife, not the number of knives the man has. Or at least that it's a man with a knife. I don't know if it's an actual grammar rule or not, but I've heard it explained that in conversational Norwegian if you have that kind of possessive relationship, regardless of clearly stated possession, you can (and most Norwegians do) omit the indefinite article UNLESS you want to focus on the number of what they have. In this case knives.

There is a man with a knife - Det er en man med (en being optionally omitted) kniv

There is a man with one knife - Det er en man med én kniv

I'm assuming that it's somewhat due to the small difference in pronunciation between en and én and et and ett in spoken Norwegian making the differentiation confusing.

Another example is when asking someone if they have a car/phone/beard etc.

Har du bil/mobil/skjegg?

Dropping the article makes the focus on whether or not they have the object in question, not how many they have.

I hope that made some sort of sense. It made sense in my head... then I started typing. :D

Again, still wanting some more specific clarification from someone a little more... Norwegian. Than me...


Maybe it's useful to think of it as "a knife-wielding man".


Mmm, yes. We can discuss the details further while we're all BEING MURDERED IN OUR BEDS.


I like how this is casually pointed out in a nice and calm voice.


Earlier the voice knew my curtains where black and white, I am afraid that this sentence might be true aswell. Help!


Aaah! The translation is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

<h1>justnorwegianthings - he might be hiding from the bycicle riding bear.</h1>


Maybe the man with a knife is actually coming after the Swedish telemarketer in the bed!


True! Actually, in most arctic or near-arctic towns (even in America), it is normal to leave the doors to buildings and vehicles unlocked just in case someone needs to quickly find shelter from a bear or moose.


I hope it's not a shower curtain...


Now I know I shouldn't be using duolingo at night with lights off


Hahahah.. det var så god! X)


Is that the reason why so many Norwegians don't have curtains??? No seriously, why is it that curtains are rarely used and that it's so easy to look into people's houses?


If I were to wager a guess I'd say that it's partially because we need to let in all the light we can get during the winter months, and partially because we trust people to respect our privacy.

For me, it's because I know my cats would tear anything even vaguely resembling curtains to shreds within seconds.


Ohh.. Jeg liker virkelig så så mye Norge! Bare the more I learn the more I truly like Norwegian and, from these cultural insights, Norway as well!!!!!!! : ) For even wit so much curroption(in the degraded as whole sense and not only financially speaking), ego, pride, violence - just so much evil - THERE IS STILL GOODNESS and there are people who choose to be benign and be descent!


That actually goes back to the days when the Lutheran church had more sway in Norway: the idea was that without curtains, people can't hide their sins from the outside world. It's similar to the way everybody's tax and income details are publicly published in Norway.


they are not exactly "publicly published": they are on a database and a citizen can ask to know another citizen's income, but on the other hand a citizen will know if and who has checked their income.


It's also to give you inspiration to go to Ikea and buy the exact same lamp, and furniture.


There we come again with thrillers after the Danish course


Thankfully I have no curtain :-D


Horror but funny, especially when you realize what it means. You just cannot forget this sentance ever :))


You are great Duo! You never fail to make me laugh…. even during the lunch time… thanks God my keyboard survived the spilled coffee ;)


Golly! I thought that sort of thing only happened in Denmark!


Is he mad about the coffee on the pillow?


Who wouldn't be?


To be fair, if you need that sentence, then you absolutely need it. Duo is just looking out for us.


I thought there would be a discussion about hitchcock here, but no one mentioned it


I mean, Shakespeare did it first...


I came to the comments section for that reason!


No witnesses to testify in my Spanish course and a man with a knife behind the curtains here?
Is this the chosen language program of cartels?


If we told you, we'd have to kill you.


I have found that 'gardin' can be en, ei, or et gardin. All three grammatical genders in bokmål and either the feminine or neuter in nynorsk!

Does the word have different meanings with the different genders or just greater choice of conjugation?


Same meaning, just a confusing amount of options.

I'd recommend treating it as a masculine noun in Bokmål, as the neuter version is rare overall, and the feminine version uncommon in writing (though preferred in many dialects).


Arms and The Man? even though that was a pistol, maybe en kniv is the Norsk equivalent.


Um... Duo? Buddy? What hurt you Duolingo?


Det er ikke en mann, det er en ugle


Someone should really explain why is there an article in translation for a "knife" but there is no article in the Norwegian sentence. Other comments are just speculations.


In Norwegian, there's more room for leaving out the indefinite article than there is in English.

We often do it when the number of the noun is irrelevant, like in this sentence where the presence of a knife is important, but not whether there's one or five.

It's also done when the focus is on the verb action, like with "å kjøre bil". The focus isn't on you driving a particular car, it's on you driving at all, or on your being able to drive.

When stating someone's profession, you also leave out the indefinite article: "Han er lege". However, if you're describing it further, not just stating it, you still need the indefinite article: "Han er en god lege".


So would "Jeg kjører en bil" be wrong?


I wish duolingo had more of these sentences! Funny stuff makes the course more amenable.


Would it also be correct to use, 'Det finnes en mann...' instead of, 'Det står en mann...'?


No, that wouldn't sound natural here.


the amount of times this exercise appears is concerning


The gritty wizard of oz reboot nobody asked for...


Hei, no sound at all in this exercise the time that i tried (07.02.2018).... Is some of the MOD could have a look, i am not sure how we should address this problem...


You can report it here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

Missing audio is a technical issue, and unfortunately not something we contributors can fix.


Is this the same guy that is the little man's nightmare?


Takk for marerittet.

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