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  5. "It is not possible."

"It is not possible."

Translation:Det kan ikke lade sig gøre.

June 6, 2015



"det er ikke muligt" was accepted, but I'm curious about which sentence would you rather use in a real conversation


definitely the "det er ikke muligt".


What does "det er ikke lade sig gøre" mean, literally?


I suppose you mean det KAN ikke lade sig gøre? "it can not let itself do", literally.

It might be easier to think of it as "It cannot let itself be done".


Yes that's what I meant :) Tak!


This isn't a phrase that has been learned previously at my level. Muligt is not even an ootion for what I have learned. Fix this. -Paying subscriber


It is a new expression to learn at some point and here it is not a bad place.

It is not a replacement for muligt. there is a nuance. It means possible in the sense of feasible. I disagree with the above saying umuligt would be better here, out of context both are valid.

det er umuligt = it can't exist. Det kan ikke lade sig gøre = it can't be done

Think of this : alt kan lade sig gøre - Umulige tager bare længere tid (Everything can be done, impossible only takes longer)

It is often used with kunne. Selvfølgelig skal det kunne lade sig gøre -> Of course it should be possible

Forbrydelsen skal ikke kunne lade sig gøre - the crime should not be possible. Not that the crime should be impossible because when you shoot at a person the bullets would bounce on him, but because we must prevent the crimes so it no longer exist


So, basically, the original sentence is not 'it is not possible for this to happen,' instead it's more like 'it is very difficult for this to be done'?


Great explanation and wonderful examples. So often languages have idiomatic expressions that a non native learner cannot understand. I have found this to be true many times with Italian, which I am also studying. Thanks for this.


How was I supposed to know this phrase? I would have said 'det er ikke muligt' but those words weren't available to me to use.


Totally agree! It was impossible to guess and no hints!


I think this is the only way to learn a new phrase. :) we never know what we learn on here until we come across a translation, get it wrong, and then we can use it again in the future.


Coming across this sentence before having to guess the word order would be a better way to learn it.


I agree to a certain extent, but if I have no clue why I have made a mistake it's difficult to learn the way to apply the rule in the future! :D


det er ikke muligt how do you know to put a t at the end muligt when there are no other words before it to let you know??


You mean, besides the det which ends in -t and is neuter gender, as opposed to den which is common gender?


Duh of course i just didnt think that out thank you


this is more like 'it cannot be done' or 'it is not achievable'


Those sound like better translations. Thank you! This is yet another idiom translated badly.


The Danish sentence didn’t seem to make sense. I worked out the first three words, but the rest not at all.


If you're going to throw this new phrase at us, it needs to be in the hints. There's no way we can just guess this.


It is very interesting. The hints are not correct and given words are no need to be there. How then would be possible to know the sentence translation?


´Det kan ikke lade sig gøre´ the translation is ´It can not be done. ´ Giving sentence is ´It is not possible´ and hover giving translation is ´Det er ikke muligt´. It is not possible and It can not be done is VERY different things!


You need to be a fortune teller for this one...

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