"I am going out of the house."

Translation:Mi iras el la domo.

June 6, 2015

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    Would anyone mention all the prepositions here, please?


    Check out this link and this other. If you can already read in Esperanto, check out this one.


    According to that second link, "ekster" means "outside". Would it be correct to say "Mi iras ekster la dormo"? If so, how is this different than "Mi iras el la dormo"?


    Real quick, "dormo" is "sleep", and "domo" is "house". Now using your example sentences with the one edit....

    LaĆ­ mi....

    Ekster: I'm going OUTSIDE the house. (You are inside and your announcing that you're going outside).

    El: I'm going FROM the house. (You're at the house and you're letting someone know from perhaps a phone that you're leaving the house in general)

    Hope that helps!


    Mi foriras la domon; Mi eliras la domon, Mi eliras el la domo, Mi foriras for de la domo.


    I got marked wrong with 'Mi eliras la domon'


    It is accepted now. (July '18)


    So, does el also mean out or is tbis another case of just assuming the word?

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